3321 Pico Blvd Santa Monica CA 90404


PC GolferGreat job reinventing this location. Owners are great. Food is good. Wish there were more places to eat and drink on this block. Great to have a drink after playing golf at Players Club Golf down the street. PatA most enjoyable time We had a lot of fun at this newly opened place.... a party of five including men, a woman of a certain age, and young women too ... some vegetarian, some pasta fanatics, some no-carb, some South Beach AND in spite of the diversity, everyone found more than several things that they'd love to eat. We tried only two appetizers concerned we'd be too full for the dinner -- lamb crepes and the tacos -- both really exquisite. Dinners included: flat iron steak (seriously enjoyed by a serious meat guy), grilled cheese with tomato soup (lovely), shells & cheese (their title for a glorious four-cheese, Asiago and all that good stuff, mac n cheese), the salmon entree (gorgeous and cooked perfectly), and ... ... another carnivore eating a sirloin steak. That was me, so I can tell you double wow. Once for the first time I tasted it and then again for when I reheated it the next day -- to me the true test of quality food !!! Jessie K.on a dark and stormy night, three friends walk into a bar... the first thing we see when we walk into the restaurant: bright lights, absolut girls and a camera rolling. absolut is filming a video to promote their new vodka flavors. it's an awkward entrance; we try to avoid ruining the shot, at the same...