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Daily Candy – The Weekend Guide

The clock is ticking. EAT – Upper West – What: Loft-like new bistro for comfort food under international influence (blue tortilla corn soup, braised short rib osso buco style, brioche bread pudding) — although that might just be the wine or the handcrafted cocktails. Why: You’re headed in the right [Read More…]

Check Out Our LA Times Review!

By Noelle Carter, Los Angeles Times June 16, 2011 Dear SOS: Have you tried the roasted veggie burger at Upper West in Santa Monica? If you haven’t, you must. It is hands down the best veggie burger on the planet. Would love to see if the Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen can come up with the recipe.
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Bon Appetit Reviews Our Honey Rye

For inspiration, co-owner Eyal Raziel looked to his native Israel, where honey liqueur is popular. “The Bärenjäger balances the kick of the rye,” he says. So begins a recent article in the September 2011 issue of Bon Appetit Magazine, reviewing one of our Signature Drinks from the bar. [Read More…]


Best Santa Monica Restaurant

With a constantly changing menu, Upper West boasts of Chef Nick Shipp’s eclectic individualistic dishes that tickle the palate with unique ingredients from all around the world. The restaurant reflects an uncompromising approach to modern American cuisine that knows no bounds coupled with exceptional customer service. This restaurant has it all! Once home to Flints, Santa Monica Bar and Grill, Alligator Lounge and the 310 Lounge, Upper West features a full-service 27-foot bar, a sophisticated wine collection and a long list of tantalizing specialty cocktails – it evokes the feel of a TriBeCa loft with 28-foot ceilings and an urban yet rustic décor. In addition to the chicly lit extended bar with…[Read More…]

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Restaurant congratulates Lakers on playoff run in L.A. Times ad

The Los Angeles Lakers’ disappointing 27-55 season came to an end in April, with the team missing the playoffs for the first time since 2005. The Los Angeles Clippers, meanwhile, won the Pacific Divis on and advanced to the second round. Santa Monica restaurant Upper West unfortunately congratulated the wrong team in the sports section of Wednesday’s L.A. Times. [Read More]


California Restaurant Congratulates Lakers on ‘Amazing Playoff Run’ in 2014

The Los Angeles Lakers’ 2013-14 regular-season record of 27-55 was the franchise’s worst mark since moving to Los Angeles in 1960. They finished 22 games out of the final playoff spot, which makes this ad very suspicious. Judging by the restaurant’s Facebook page and Twitter account, this was no accident. It looks like this was a planned trolling. Everyone just has to kick the Lakers while they’re down, apparently. [Read More ]


Restaurant gives congrats to Lakers on playoff run instead of Clippers

Los Angeles sure knows how to pay homage to its beloved team that gave its all in the NBA playoffs. The Upper West restaurant decided to dedicate an ad in the Los Angeles Times to show its “love” for the hard-fought playoff run of the … Lakers? Well, obviously the restaurant did this as a campaign showing that it’s so “wholly focused on food” that there is no time to focus on sports. Sorry, Clippers, looks like you are the victim of a clever campaign. For fans who are disgruntled about the joke, Upper West responded on Facebook saying it has “culinary tunnel vision.”  Read More 

An L.A. restaurant congratulated the Lakers’ playoff effort in a newspaper ad 

The Upper West restaurant took out an ad in the Los Angeles Times’ Sports section, presumably in an effort to boast about their tagline ‘Wholly focused on food. ‘If it’s a terrible oversight to congratulate the Lakers – who were eliminated from playoff contention roughly five seconds into the regular season – instead of the Clippers, it quickly turned into the most clever campaign of all time. Just way too focused on food. Wholly focused. Can’t fault them.And to all of the angry commenters on the restaurant’s Facebook page, Upper West responded by saying they have ‘culinary tunnel vision.’ [Read More ]

L.A. restaurant congratulates Lakers on their playoff run

Who can even keep track of all the basketball teams in Los Angeles, anyway?Well, Los Angeles has been ousted from the NBA Playoffs. Still, they gave it their best shot. So why not congratulate them on their great season, local businesses?Uh …Hm. It’s actually the, uh … the OTHER Los Angeles team. But hey, I’m sure no one will doubt you’re “wholly focused on food.” [Read More]

L.A. restaurant takes out newspaper ad to congratulate Lakers on playoff run they didn’t make

The Los Angeles Clippers fought hard through internal turmoil and external competition over the past few weeks after earning the No. 3 seed in the Western Conference, but ultimately came up short, bowing out to reigning NBA Most Valuable Player Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder in a six-game second-round slugfest. It wasn’t the ending that Doc Rivers, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin or the rest of the Clippers and their fans hoped for, but it was still arguably the most successful season in franchise history, and one well worth celebrating for the locals who support their city’s sporting concerns.

Like, for example, the proprietors of Santa Monica restaurant The Upper West, who took it upon themselves to take out an ad in the Los Angeles Times’ sports section to laud the hometown team: [Read More]

Los Angeles restaurant congratulates Lakers on ‘amazing playoff run’

The Lakers’ sustained success is rather incredible. If, in any year, you say they had a pretty good season, you’d probably be right.This year just happens to be one of the exceptions. That didn’t stop a Los Angeles restaurant from congratulating the Lakers on an “amazing playoff run” (hat tip: Dan Devine of Ball Don’t Lie): Read More 

Restaurant Ad Fetes Lakers For NBA Playoff Run That Never Was 

A local California restaurant congratulated the wrong Los Angeles basketball team on its NBA playoff run. Santa Monica restaurant Upper West (which clearly holds tight to its motto, “Wholly focused on food”) bought an ad in Wednesday’s sports section of the Los Angeles Times to salute the Lakers on their postseason success. The only issue is that the Lakers’ season ended back in April, with a dismal record of 27-55. The Los Angeles Clippers, however, won the Pacific Division and advanced to the second round of the NBA playoffs. Read More

Los Angeles restaurant congratulates Lakers on ‘amazing playoff run’

The Lakers’ sustained success is rather incredible. If, in any year, you say they had a pretty good season, you’d probably be right. This year just happens to be one of the exceptions.That didn’t stop a Los Angeles restaurant from congratulating the Lakers on an “amazing playoff run” (hat tip: Dan Devine of Ball Don’t Lie):Read More




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