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Artist Charlie Patton Opens in a Solo Exhibition

Article Originally Appeared in the Campus Circle

c-p-7-1Artist Charlie Patton is set to open in a solo exhibition entitled “Visceral” at Upper West Restaurant. The reception takes place on Sunday October 23, 2016 from 4-7pm. “Visceral” will feature an eclectic grouping of paintings from several different painting series. The painting What is Love is probably one of Patton’s most personal works. He painted the mixed media work at his studio in Santa Barbara. “It represents the pain that we feel when we fall in love with someone and that love is not mutually shared,” said Patton. “It feels like a shot thru the heart.”

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A painting inspired by The Argonaut makes its debut in Santa Monica

Article Originally Appeared in The Argonaut News

By Kathy Leonardo

c-p-8It may be hard to recognize the beauty of newsprint in today’s digital world, but reading an article in The Argonaut inspired artist Charlie Patton to create something of his own out of paper and ink — a painting, now on view at restaurant and gallery space Upper West as part of a solo exhibition of his work.

“I liked the color and the look of the letters,” explained Patton, whose eyes were drawn to an Argonaut article about local street artists. “But the [underlying] idea was to celebrate artists in Venice/MDR…especially women artists.”

Patton used several different materials such as acrylic paint, pastels, house paint, collage, gold leaf and charcoal to create the work, which features a female figure amidst swirls of color, bright lettering and a newspaper clipping from The Argonaut.

Patton decided to place a strong female figure with a formidable stance at the center of work to depict confidence, suggest stability and show a grounded persona.

“The coloration of reds and orange are the color of passion and lust, and they are tempered with hints of cool gray and black, trapping the figure in a calm embrace,” said Patton.

It’s telling stories like this that inspires Patton to continue to create.

“The thing that motivates me to create art is similar to a writer telling a story,” said Patton. “I think paintings are basically stories. There is a fundamental human drive to tell stories and for people to relate to these stories. Stories ratify and teach pathways to remind us that life has pain and goodness, heroes and villains, good and evil and all human emotion.”

— Kathy Leonardo

“The Argonaut” will be part of a solo exhibition titled “Visceral,” which opens with a reception from 4 to 7 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 23, at Upper West, 3321 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica. Call (310) 586-1111 or visit theupperwest.com

Abstract Art at Upper West

Article Originally Appeared in the Santa Monica Mirror

By Libby Lancaster

The art of Santa Monica resident, Charlie Patton has been exhibited in numerous galleries throughout Los Angeles. On Sunday Oct. 23, the artist will be opening in a solo exhibition entitled “Visceral” Intuitive Abstraction at the Upper West Restaurant.

“I have never shown at a restaurant before,” said Patton. “I am looking forward to doing this Upper West show because the restaurant is very cool. I love the space as it has the sense of a Soho gallery with high brick walls and bow truss ceilings and sky lights or ambient light to illuminate the art as if you were in a NY Gallery in late fall. It also is helpful that you have amazing food and wine to pair against the art.”

Patton began creating at a very young age, but it was not until 1998, that he began selling his work. He attended the Laguna Institute of the Arts in Laguna Beach. He then decided to study at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. A whole new world of artistic possibilities opened up to him. He gained new techniques for his art and experimented with mixed media, abstractionism, impressionism and contemporary art.

I work in several different mediums, said Patton. I like acrylic because it allows quickness in drying and allows me to be less concerned with organizing the painting and to make visceral decision on color, and application. Oil has a different end result that I prefer but it it also needs a lot of time and thought in preparing for the painting process.

Patton said he chooses to work in series that are similar in subject matter, painting style, material, size of the canvas, and medium. “I normally paint 20 to 50 paintings in a series of which fifty percent of them will make it to the gallery and the remaining fifty percent are re-used or kept.” He explained that the painting Gandhi was a by-product of a re-purposed old painting that he re-painted in an abstract fugitive style. “I am a big fan of Gandhi and it emerged as a Gandhi looking painting.”

Patton also enjoys researching different artists. “Right now I am into Richard Diebenkorn who was a Northern California painter, but painted the Ocean Park series here in Santa Monica. He also was an abstract figure painting along with David Park,” he continued. “As far as emerging artists, I think Jennifer Verge is a sure bet to become very successful.”

Patton has shown his work in galleries in the Los Angeles area such as FAB Gallery in Santa Monica, the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Flower and Hewes Gallery in Malibu, and more.


“Visceral’s” Intuitive Abstraction reception is Sunday Oct. 23 from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m. at Upper West Restaurant: www.theupperwest.com.

Charlie Patton’s No Rules Approach to Art!

Article Originally Appeared in The Huffington Post

By Henry K Long

“I love to stand before a large blank white canvas and contemplate what it could be with total commitment and vigor, said artist Charlie Patton. “No Fear…this is how I approach a canvas.” He said he believes the number one rule in art is…there are no rules. “I look for mistakes sometimes that are deep seated statements of my real inner self, this is originality and real thought that paintings can use to tell stories with.”

On Sunday, October 23rd, Patton will be featured in a solo exhibition entitled “Visceral” at Upper West restaurant. The Santa Monica restaurant has been hosting rotating art exhibition with artist reception since it first opened.

Patton has been working in various art forms for over twenty-four years. In addition to being a traditional painter his work includes various mediums such as sculpture, photography, mixed medium, photo realism, furniture design, construction, murals etc. He is also a curator. Patton organized a group show at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Art was exhibited throughout the large vessel and its boiler rooms and cabins amounting to over fifty thousand square feet were utilized as art gallery space.

The artist said he felt “Visceral” was a perfect title for the exhibition, since he paints with an intuitive visceral approach to subject matter, style, composition and medium. For this exhibition, he will show work from multiple series. “The motorcycle paintings where done a few years ago when I had a large art show on the queen Marry in Long Be
ach,” said Patton. “The inspiration behind that was the bike builders who create one of a kind bikes that are master designed like art.”

Working on several paintings at once, he chooses to use acrylic more often than oil…”Since it allows quickness in drying and allows him to be less concerned with organizing the painting and to make visceral decision on color, and application. Oil has a different end result that I prefer but it also needs a lot of time and thought in preparing for the painting process.”

He went on to say that painting can be meditative, and that when he is working on a painting, or any type of art, one of the most important things about creating it is that it allows him to transform his perspective into a relaxed frame of mind.

He has attended several art openings at Upper West Restaurant and said the space is perfect for his work and he is looking forward to the opening. He added that the food is also some of the best that he has had…his favorite dish being the short rib.

On Sunday, October 23rd, enjoy the opening reception of “Visceral” from 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at the Upper West located at 3321 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica 90404. Call the restaurant for more details at (310)586-1111. Artist Charlie Patton will be in attendance. http://www.theupperwest.com/ For additional information about the artist visit https://www.facebook.com/cpattonart/

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Heard about this place as "a new Santa Monica Restaurant hot spot". It definitely is that exactly. Super cool vibe, great straight-forward menu and killer bar selection. The crafted beers on tap put this place on the radar for me and the signature cocktails are delicious. I had the Honey Rye and my girlfriend had the Pepperoncini Martini. The first time I went I had the Burger, which was really good...the second time I went with the Braised Short Ribs...YUM. The decor inside is classy, but not pretentious. Perfect place for date-night or just hanging out at the bar. Bravo Upper West. You'll be seeing a lot of me and my friends! All night Happy Hour on Monday nights?...I'm in

Candy N.

I've been to this Santa Monica restaurant twice, and both times it was for a birthday party.

The atmosphere is amazing, the drinks are perfect, and the food is always pleasing. I think the most recent time I went, I got the salmon, and it was really good!

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