3321 Pico Blvd Santa Monica CA 90404

Jessie K.

on a dark and stormy night, three friends walk into a bar…

the first thing we see when we walk into the restaurant: bright lights, absolut girls and a camera rolling. absolut is filming a video to promote their new vodka flavors. it’s an awkward entrance; we try to avoid ruining the shot, at the same time crowding the floor waiting for someone to notice/seat us. i figure it’s going to be ‘just one of those nights.’

we settle at the bar, and order a peach caipirinha, a downtown brown and an allagash. fact: their allagash curieux is on draft and stronger than a shot of johnny black. **i’m an amateur drinker so this means little to me**
i take a quick trip to the ladies room — there’s not much to mention, it’s the end of the night, the place is owned and run by guys, it’s…unkempt to say the least. when i return to the bar, i notice my two friends giggling in front of the camera with two fresh drinks in hand. the cameraman simply could not pass up their handsome rugged good looks and ask them to partake in the commercial. the night is looking up.
i order the seared tuna sandwich + chipotle fries. the sandwich is absolutely de-freaking-licious. their pickled vegetables too. [i bite the inside of my lip 3x during that dinner, but i soldier through it b/c it is that good]
the owners, elad and eyal, tend bar and are attentive and friendly throughout the night. they both mingle with their customers, and the whole place just carries a super chill vibe.
upper west isn’t another uppity santa monica bar. the guys keep things interesting for their patrons, whether it’s a night of bourbon tasting, an off-menu set, all night happy hour or 1/2 off wine.

all it all, it was a great night, with good food/drinks and company + we got to see phil jackson up close and personal :]